Ingrid Vlasov

Ingrid Vlasov red SS2011 zipper jacket

Ingrid Vlasov is a designer you might want to know. Gaga wears her dresses, among other notable fashion personalities. This red jacket is from her Summer 2011 collection. Looks like zippers, yes?! If it is I must say it is the first piece of fashion that I´ve seen made from plastic zips and still looking good. Most so far have used only metallic zippers. Or just plain trashion gone horribly wrong. One of the key features in this design is that all the zippers used are in same color and size.

Photo via Noir Facade.
Title: The Gold Rush
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar China January 2011
Model: Mathilde Frachon
Photographer: Photos by: Benjamin Kanarek © 2010
Stylist: Laurent Dombrowicz

Outi Les Pyy

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