It´s a scarf.. or it can be a bag!

Symmetry Goods scarf 8

The husband-wife team behind Symmetry Goods, which launched this fall, has found a way to give scarves the structure they typically lack: They’ve added hardware, which can be attached to grommets any way you’d like—or left off completely. You can use both straps at once and turn this scarf into a bag. The originals retail for $225.00... Or way less if you DIY it! Take one of your old big wool scarfs and punch grommets to each corner on a large scarf and a purse strap or chain. And you have a chunky and warm scarf that doubles also as a bag!

Via One Of a Kind.

Symmetry Goods scarf bag 7
Symmetry Goods scarf straps
Symmetry Goods scarf 1

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This is genuis! I need one in my life! No way am I paying $225 for it. Who would?! I am going to make one :)

  2. Is it really just a big rectangle with rings in the corners and a piece of chain ?

  3. Dorien, that´s how I see it! The simplest ideas are usually the most clever ones :)

  4. nice scarfs!