DIY Prada Chandellier heels

DIY chandellier heels by Prada 2
DIY chandellier heels by BleachBlack
DIY chandellier heels by Prada

I agree with Val from BleachBlack. Prada chandellier heels DIY. Also these jewelled heels by DSquared are kinda nice. Made with old/vintage necklaces. Both definately doable DIY projects. Now where could I find the time...

*edit* Some of you were wondering about the wearability and sound that glass chrystalls make. Yup.. Use plastic. It´s more inexpensive anyways.. Although glass does have a nice shine to it. But still, use plastic. It will be safer and less noisy. I´d sew the chrystalls on with see-through fishing line.

DIY jeweled sandals Dsquared 1
DIY jeweled sandals Dsquared 2
DIY jeweled sandals Dsquared 3

Via BleachBlack.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Perfect shoes for the office! Never mind the rainbow effect, what about the jingle jangling?

  2. Very clever DIY project!

  3. those shoes are like porn to me! Maybe I will try decking out some stripper shoes... this blog gives me dangerous ideas!
    melina bee

  4. hei vou tietkö mistä voi hommata tollasia "tyhjiä" kenkiä, kun tossa kolmannen kuvan kollaasissa?

  5. Tuon mallisia veikkaisin että pornokaupoista, mistä saa ostaa vaatteita ja asusteita.. Jep. Noi on just sellaiset. :D

    Noi Pradan läpinäkyvät ovatkin sitten jo aivan eri juttu.