My trashion skirt from mens trousers in episode of Kirppis (Finland TV1)

Finland YLE TV1 approached me a couple of months ago to apphear on their show called KIRPPIS. This show is being filmed live every Sathurday morning from my favorite weekend flamarket Valtteri in Helsinki. They have a short feature in the program where visiting designers turn something old to new. In my first episode (aired 23.2.2008) I sewed three men´s suit pants to a skirt. You can find the instructions from Kirppis website, but unfortunately they are only in Finnish. I forgot my camera home the day we shot this, so I do not have any good pics of the finished skirt. I´ll be doing a second show later this spring.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. It is a pity that the site is in Finish only. I can get very few words because the Estonian helps but not enough! Would you talk about the markets in Finland?? I wish the culture of reusing and remaking would start strong in Estonia. I love it but people still feel quiet sceptical about it!

  2. It´s the same here. There is a small craft community doing trashion and reconstructions but it is not very organized yet. I have been trying to find more crafters in my home area but not much luck lately.

    But I can see more press and programmes about recycling every day. Finns like to think of our selves "green" so I´m hoping it will also effect the recycle-craft-DIY culture positively.

    The attitude and atmosphere around DIY need a facelift here, because it is still considered something "our mothers used to do in the 70´s..." I´m hoping to do all that I can to prove people otherwise. DIY CAN be PUNK!