Eco-fashion fantasies and Earth Pledge FutureFashion Show 2008

I was reading Jill Danyelles´s blog The Laboratory today when I found her post on Earth Pledge FutureFashion Show 2008 held January 31st just before NY Fashion Week started. In this post she makes are very good point in critisizing the shows designerlist and basic purpose. I mean it DOES seem a bit hypocritical that most of the designers on this eco-fashion-show just did this one outfit for FutureFashion (that´s not even going to be manufactured for sales) but have done nothing or hardly anything for changing their selling labels more sustainable or organic. If brands produce eco-frocks like these, they could have at least be auctioned at Ebay for charity... But no. They just ended up on display at Barneys departmentstore window. It´s a shame.

You can have a look at these gorgeous FutureFashion outfits and other show coverage at, Treehugger, Inhabitat, Fashion Windows blog and Fashionista.

I read all the articles that I could find about this show and I was happy to see that the show (plus the eco-textile industry) got a lot of good press. But I still agree with Jill that this could have been handled sooo much better. I think the show should have been organized complitely with labels that are all ready 100% sustainable fashion design. The consumer masses need to be proven that sustainable can be ultra fenimine and gorgeous as it it when done correctly. Which is why I would have loved to see more color in this FutureFashion show.. Ecru is classic but a bit boring.

Many major fashion labels have occasional launhces of small organic collections, but honestly how long do we have to wait until Dior, Prada or more maintream labels like H&M and Zara go complitely sustainable?? Only a small part of the fashion community has realized the potential, possibilities and responsibility of sustainable fashion. If you want the masses to follow the change has to be made on corporate level since it´s going to take way too long for all the world to edjucate themselves on eco-materials and sustainable fashion consumption.

You would think that fashion CEOs would realize the marketing potential of eco-fashion. The technology of making organic fashion is all ready available and in use. It´s just a matter of will to make the change from conventional production to organic in brand-large-scale. If I would be one of those CEO´s I´d make sure all my designers are trained to know the full production lifeline and eco-materials so they would make the best of them in all our collections. I mean if the designer does not think sustainably, then who does?!

Just imagine if a international brand H&M or Gap would announce they are now 100% sustainable. We could go there to shop fashion with out bugging the floorstaf with stricky questions about the origin of each item and material... And you would find shops in almost every city you could think of shopping in.

Another fashion fantasy I have is to someday shop in a sustainable departmentstore where every item available from clothes to the bagels sold in the cafe would be eco, fairtrade or sustainable. Of course all sales staff would be trained to know what they are selling... But hey, a girl can dream, right?

Outi Les Pyy

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