Fashion Reconstruction collective called Andrea Crews

Meet the Andrea Crews design collective. Creative, un-expected, fun. I love it.

"Andrea Crews's project bases on the use and the reinterpretation of the second-hand garment, it is a social, economic and ethical choice. Andrea Crews transforms tons of secondhand clothes into unique pieces, chic and trendy. Within the workshop, around the heap of clothes, the raw material, Andrea Crews settles sewing machines and creates experimental collections.Beyond a simple craze for the vintage, the concept " post-vintage " of Andrea Crews is more than ever of current events. More than a simple appropriation, she proposes a reinterpretation.

Each piece is treated one by one according to the potentiality of the clothe and the stylist desires. The results are indeed unforeseeable, strange, tempting and daring. Dipping into several sources of inspirations, Andrea Crews uses fragments of a sub-culture counting comics, mystic rastafary frescos, fanzines, scribbles, cut-up porn, electro rhythms, punk flyers … GranPa trousers are transformed into mini overalls, a rotten T-shirt into a sexy docker, a baggy sweat into a night dress…"

Quote from Andrea Crews website.

Outi Les Pyy

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