Embroidered jacket sleeve

Dries Van Noten really knows his embroidery. He always delivers a collection filled with folklore detailing and decorated surfaces in modern forms and styling. But this post is not about his latest collection. It´s about a parka jacket he made in his Fall 2010 collection that became a fashion classic. It also had so much DIY potential. Even after three years the distressed cargo jacket / parka with beautiful stud and metallic embroidered embellishment looks fresh. Most of these images are from Free People. They have now a similar jacket in their collection and I think it is a better reference for DIY purposes.

The technique for this is braid embroidery in which you first sketch the pattern on to a piece of velvet or wool fabric. Then you pin and hand sew the braided decorative ribbons onto it. If pinning is too difficult, try hot gluing it on with a few drops so the ribbons stay in place while you sew them on. Finally cut the outer shape and sew it on to the jacket sleeves.

Braid decorated jacket detail:

Jacket details at Free People:

Photos: Street Peeper, BunnyBosworth, Free People and Style.com.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. This is apsolutely gorgeous! I want to try this DIY! Thank you for inspiration! <3

    La Kat