DIY Céline t-shirt

Yes. The white Céline tee with black paint brush stroked lettering has become a fashion icon t-shirt. And just like the Chanel CC-logo, it is easy to make yourself. There is a variety of tutorials online how to do this. My favorite is the LINE UP THE BITCHES and CÉLFIE imitations of it. I just adore clever fashion logo parody. The Top photo via Make Up With Martha.

"Célfie" t-shirt, photo via Wheretogetit. "Céline me alone" t-shirt, photo via Wheretogetit. "line up the bitches" t-shirt, photo via Wheretogetit and wheretogetit and via.

Video tutorial by Cristina at Infinity Style.

Video tutorial by Inês de Castro at Petit Livre Noir.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Great diy ;) love it, definetly will do this :)

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  2. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing :)