OutsaPop-Up Weekend

Photo: Hanne Granberg / City Style Guide

Sathurday is going to be buzy.

I´ll start my day from Rafla, POP-UP Bookstore. I´ll be selling there Trashion-books kl 12-15:30 so it is an exellent opportunity to come over, talk trashion with me and get a signature for your book. The books are 35 euro a piece, cash only. You can also buy them online. Perfect gift for anyone who is interested in fashion and ecological lifestyle.

I will be also speaking at Paloni´s Ex Tempore Pop Up Shop opening at Kluuvi shopping centre. The shop is at second floor, showtime at 4 pm. I´ll be speaking shortly about my Trashion book and what DIY is all about. Ex Tempore Pop Up Shop will be open every day starting from tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 8th until Saturday Dec. 22nd. As the newest designer addition for Paloni, I will be selling my shredded OutsaPop Trashion shirts there and starting from next week, you’ll also find them from Paloni’s concept store at Eerikinkatu.

Other designers that will be presented there are:
Olav: www.olavfashion.com
Vietto: www.vietto.fi
2. Elämä: www.2elama.com
Kaino: www.kaino.fi
Emmi Malmström Shoes: emmimalmstrom.blogspot.fi
Ainokainen: www.ainokainen.fi
Pogostick failure: www.pogostickfailure.com
Mari & Arrow: mariandarrow.tumblr.com
Tauko: www.taukovaatteet.com

Hope to see you tomorrow!

Outi Les Pyy

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