Kelly Wearstler Pre-Fall 2013

Kelly Wearstler Pre-Fall 2013 collection is inspired by early 20th century Russian avant-garde motifs, suprematist art, futurism, and graphic arts. I´m all about shapes and textures that play off each other right now so this collection hits me like a ton of bricks. Her background as an interior designer translated into strategically cut clean lines in unsuspecting places, wonderful embroidery details and all in all, architecturally stunning looks. "Wearstler sees growth opportunities in categories like denim and knits, so she put an emphasis on them here. One pair of jeans was embroidered in grids of tiny studs; another was made from shredded Japanese denim flecked with silver threads. She's smart not to go up against the J Brands of the world and their battalions of basics." Agreed, the geometric thing works well in denim, both in material and color.

As I´m always looking for DIY inspiration in collection, the geometrical shapes and prints I´d mimic in leather painting and fabric printing. The use of both leather and pastel colored denim on the patchwork dress looks also amazing. Really looking forward to seeing what Kelly does in the future.

Kuvat: Style com

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i love the one with the shin jacket and the rolled up jeans