About a leather top

Since the Trashion book is done, I´ve been playing around in my head on what I should start to do now. Maybe start making new products, a line perhaps? Do more tutorials (I dont have a good camera)? Just create things for myself for now as the book was petty much for other people? So many questions.

The thing thst I do know is that I´m in love with tops and t-shirts made from leather. Like this one from a'bout. The designers Dean Hutchinson and Yunchieh Chang see it like this: "About Design Corp is about nothing. It's the idea that nothing is defined. Identity is what you create, not what is given to you." For that reason, the clothes created at About don't have any labels. "Except for a few for shipping purposes and that sort of thing," Hutchison notes. "But even then, they're just attached by a loose thread. It's meant to be clipped." 


I want a similar leather top for many reasons: The material will last forever. I don´t have to wash it if I just wear a top underneath it. It will be spill-proof. Looks artsy and rad at the same time. Easy to style in various ways. And so on, and so on. What more can you ask from a garment? H&M had one fake leather tee in their collections a couple of seasons back. I was fortunate enough find one second hand and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces to wear. 

Should this be a new "product" for me? Ecologically made, trashion leather t-shirt?

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love the look of leather and have been trying to hunt down a proper edgy looking leather tshirt for a while now!

  2. Upea!! Kumpa sitä osaisi itsekin..