I´ve Only Just Begun - the short music film by Elias Koskimies

"March 2012. Law that banned "homosexual propaganda" was signed in St. Petersburg, Russia.
August 2012. Venuz Vulgar started his long journey to save his imprisoned friends.
He wasn't alone.

People like Venuz never are."

Usually this blog doesn´t feature things not related to DIY fashion, but occasionally I will make an exception.  I´m deeply concerned with the St. Petersburg "homosexual propaganda law"effective this March and the treatment of the Pussy Riot members in Moscow in the recent months. For those who have not heard about this law, it for example prevents gay couples of holding hands and kissing in public on the streets of St. Petersburg. Some want this law to effect all of Russia. Three members of the feminist music collective called Pussy Riot were arrested in March for performing a song against Vladimir Putin´s election campaign. They have been jailed since. Human rights are taking a big step back in our east neighbor Russia and it is just wrong. We are not living in the Middle Ages anymore.

Two weeks ago I had the privilege to be a part of making a short music film by director Elias Koskimies called I´ve Only Just Begun. "I've Only Just Begun is dedicated not only to activist Nikolai Alexeyev and Pussy Riot but all the fearless people under the rainbow." he says. Elias wrote the story of Venuz Vulgar and his group of friends (some might call them "freaks") travelling to St.Petersburg to free their friends. On their way they meet (and fight) different groups trying to stop them. Over 60 people came together and made this short film among them film/media professionals and regular people like me supporting the act. I played one of the neonazis in the film.

"God Created The Rainbow For People - Not For Gays." 
Being gay is not "propaganda". If we (all people on earth) are ever going to get our shit together and stop fingthing each other we need to stop worrying about who loved who and who do you call God.

If you feel as strongly about having the right to be who you are, please sign Amnesty´s petition to free the Pussy Riot girls and share this video. 

Outi Les Pyy

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  2. Great video. I wish more people made an effort to read and understand the science of sexual orientation rather than using religion to justify their bigotry.

  3. The fundamentals of all religions is basically the same (to me that is). "Do good, be good and act good. Love the people around you and learn to forgive.". People should concentrate on themselves more and not worry so much about other peoples lifestyles. I´m still the same person that you used to know before I came out. I still live, do and think about things the same way as I did before. I´m not hurting anybody with the things I do, on the contrary, I think it has made me more open, forgiving and loving person towards others.

  4. Pussy Riot got arrested not because of thier stupid little song but because they performed it IN THE MOST HOLY PLACE OF RUSSIA. THEY WERE DANCING AND JUMPING AND SWEARING ALL OVER THE MAIN ALTAR OF THE MAIN CHURCH OF RUSSIA. I support gay rights and have gay friends BUT THE IGNORANCE of people who KNOW NOTHING of the whole situation pisses me off. You say you respect all religions, then you support girls like pussy riot who shit all over other people's beliefs. Lovely.

  5. Anon, the group might have chosen their show venue better, but the fact remains that they only played a song in a church and got arrested for months for it. Maybe even jailed, only for singing a song that criticizes the election process!! That is a huge violation towards human rights. Sure, their performance was in bad taste, but if they would have done this in Finland, they would have been just fined and been out of jail in a matter of days. You must understand the difference here. Church or no church.