Nespresso Trashion recycle fashion dress project

Nespresso Finland hired me to make an recycle fashion evening gown from their coffee capsules (their factory left over material). I took the challenge as I have never worked on aluminum. The process took over two months to complete as I had to make loads of tests for the material. My team cut 4000 capsules in three weeks and we got 14 000 paillettes from them. All hand cut. After making the dress patterns and sewing the paillettes on, the surface was finished with chameleon paint so it looks different colored depending from which angle you look at it. The project took total 150 working hours not including design work.

I took on this project as I wanted to show everyone that I am more than capable of handling a non-textile material, as aluminum which is a metal and still be able to make it into a wearable and comfortable fashion piece. Not an easy task. This was purely a show piece and an art project, not for commercial production. How does it look? You like it?

You can find making of pictures from my Finnish blog Outi Les Pyy: post 1, post 2 and post 3.

Editorial photos: Kanerva Mantila
Desing: Outi Pyy / Outi Les Pyy
Sewing: Remake EkoDesign
Model: Malla / Paparazzi
H&MA: Senay Coco

In collaboration with: Suomen Blogimedia ja Nespresso.

Outi Les Pyy

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