Trashion exhibition at Tampere Finnish Handicrafts fair

Yesterday was a long day. I had left my phone to my friends bag the evening before so no alarm in the morning. You wake up in panic to realize that the train to Tampere leaves in 15 minutes. No way you are going to make it.. Packing in panic. I make it to the fair two hours late which is quite a lot when you are building the entire fair exhibition booth just on your own. Food helps when panic tries to creep in and good music. I spent the day dancing around my quiet staff and dressing them up pretty. Black lipstick and all. Made it back home at midnight dead tired but so happy. It looks good.

The Trashion exhibition is up this weekend only (Friday to Sunday 15.-17.11.) at Tampere Finnish Handicrafts fair. I will be at the booth to sign Trashion-books on Sunday at 12:00 and 14:00 if you want to come by for a chat. It´s located next to the champagne bar. Not bad location huh? Paloni sells Trashion-books when I´m not there. Its just across the aisle (E-hall booth 224).

Trashion book photos by Mikko Rasila.

Outi Les Pyy

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