About hair and zippers

Doo.ri had this amazing zipper and hair decorated jacket in their collection way back in the days, Fall 2009. I´m still not over it. I even know how to make on, it´s just a matter of time. That I don´t have. But I did make a new board at Pinterest called Zipper Fashions. It has all the inspirational zipper pieces I can find.

Top photo via Soma Magazine:
Photography by Alexandra Carr
Styling by Sunita Kumar
Hair: Rebecca Plymate at See Management using Kerastase
Makeup: Katey Denno at The Wall Group using Armani
Model: JP at IMG
Fashion assistant: Lizzy Heilman
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Other photos: Style.com

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. There was a contestant in Project Runway who did use hair in his final Top 3 collection - Chris? He was a costume designer and he got roasted for using hair. Shortly afterwards I noticed a lot of hair on the runways and felt annoyed for Chris (who I thought was quite good). But it's TV. I personally don't love the hair but I do like the use of zippers. So thats why I clicked 'don't like'

  2. The coat is simply to die for...

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