Re;code refashion

Korean fashion brand Re;code does it right. The design team was shocked a couble of years back when they realized how much dead stock fabric and garments came from major brands, including that of their own umbrella corporation. Re;code is a sub-division of Kolon Industries, a 3.6 billion USD company founded in the nylon textile development of the 1950’s. Kolon is iconic in Korea’s fashion industry for revolutionizing the contemporary fashion market. The Re;code sub label was launched in March 2012. Re;code refashions last seasons stock to new modern pieces.  Designs are produced in highly limited numbers with 6 the maximum in any style, and each one labeled with the total number of designs produced. Each piece is created by a master craftsman in their atelier store. With this type of working Re;code challenges the idea of mainstream fashion through their contemporary cool range of bags, tops and jackets in a variety of up-cycled materials. Working with independent designers hoping to enter the market, the collection gives them a platform for exposure to gain a foothold in the market place through collaborative design and inclusion in Re;code’s collection. Designer collaborations have included UK upcycling brand Junky Styling, Andee Kang, Jaewoong Jeong, ByungMun Seo. They also host fashion workshops and events where local fashionistas meet craft artisans to create on-of-a-kind fashion pieces. Their Fall 2012 collection was quite lovely and I found many thing there that I would still add to my upcoming fall style. Kudos to Korea. Me likey a lot.

Summer 2013 looks:

Outi Les Pyy

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