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Hurray! Etsy did it again. They finally have implemented a pdf upload system into Etsy shops which enables shop keepers to upload and sell digital content in their shops easily. If you sold patterns, tutorials or digital prints (for example collage making) before, one had to e-mail the product to the buyer making it slower and more time consuming to sell them. Now, sellers can upload the file to the listing just once, and that’s it! After the payment successfully processes, the buyer will receive an automatic email notification letting them know the file is ready on the Downloads page. For example you can make loads of cool stuff for your home with printable images. There is already almost 200 000 products available for digital download. For crafters this means they are now able to add inexpensive items to their shops for impulse buys and make a few extra bucks.

Btw. Over 40% of incoming Etsy-traffic is coming from mobile devices. So if your shop has not been checked for this, try how your shop looks like from a variety of devices and read these handy tips on how to improve your shop appearance for mobile devices and boost sales. Top photo: CoolPoster.

Large posters (printed from multiple pages) by Cobra Prints.

Outi Les Pyy

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