How I met Kanerva Mantila

Yesterday we had a photoshoot. A friend of mine, Amelie, just called and said "I´ll pick you up at 8am. Have some clothes prepared." That´s how to book a stylist. Reference images pointed me to modernized 50s looks so I got the stuff from Fida second hand shop and the rest from my own closet. Both my regular clothes and some things I made for my Trashion book. Basic stuff. The shoot was to take place in the surroundings of a Järvenpää shopping mall which did not sound so glamourous at first. Luckily a good photographer can do miracles. Kanerva Mantila seems to be on of these people. I´m fortune to know a lot of fashion pros and semi-pros. We do this type of thing every now and then just to play around. Somebody always needs new pictures for their portfolio or website... Most of us just do all the boring stuff for work so days like this lets us have some fun and do more artsy work with no commercial detachments. "Just make it look pretty." Jonas, or bartender slash male model, had been sleeping only 2 hours so he was being a real trooper all day looking like James Dean. It suited him to look like he had been drinking the entire week. Such a cute and lovely boy. Amelie looked like a temptress doll in her bee hive hair and make up that Riina came up with. They made up our teen rebel couple.

I shot 1100 making of photos that day, insane, I know. But I have to practise using on my new camera. I was pretty satisfied with the result as well until I had a look at Kanerva´s camera. IT looked amazing. I´ll never get it how some people can use light like that... It is a real talent to get the raw images to look fantastic, so very little photoshopping is needed. Here is a sneak peak of what we did. More pics coming soon when I get the real photos from Kanerva. 

Looking forward to working with this team again.

The bartender slash male model on his third cup of coffee at 10 am. 





Outi Les Pyy

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  1. voi luoja kun näyttää hyvältä!! haluun jo nähdä lopulliset kuvat <3 mahtavat stailit!

  2. WOW!
    Amzing pictures!
    Love it.