DIY Punk Fashion Film Competition by ShowStudio

Embracing Punk's underlying ethos of DIY and self expression, SHOWstudio is opening up its latest film season to their viewers. Finally! So calling all DIYers and fashion filmmakers and animators to get creative and submit their work for the chance to be showcased onsite in our 'Punk' series. The brief requires you to take inspiration from Punk's central theme of personal expression. In the spirit of Punk's embodiment of DIY, the films and animations must showcase a garment created or customised especially for the project. In tribute to the punks’ expressive clothing, produce a one-off item and use it as the subject of your film or animation. The item of clothing produced for the winning film(s) and animation(s) will also be showcased and sold in the SHOWstudio Shop. Entries must be submitted by 10 June 2013. More details on the competition here!!

Read about punk fashion history and get creative!!

Outi Les Pyy

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