EkoDesign 2013

This year I participated in the EkoDesign 2013 competition, held at Recycling Factory in Helsinki.

"The annual Recycling Factory event is being organized already for the fifth time at the Cable factory in Helsinki, 4-5 May. Exhibitors include over 40 companies of whose selection comprises of ecologically and ethically manufactured products, such as accessories, bags, house utensils, jewellery and cosmetics. Other program include Finland’s biggest “bring or take” Free of charge market, various recycling-themed workshops, fashion shows, work demonstrations etc. Recycling Factory is open on both Saturday and Sunday at 10-17:00 and there is a free entrance for the event."

I will be there to host a workshop with Varusteleka army surplus store and do panel discussions on eco fashion. See you there!

Outi Les Pyy

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