DIY pastel hair dye

My Little Pony has ruled the hair trends last seasons. Pastel colors are young and adorable compared to shock colors. A Subtle Revelry made a tutorial how to color your hair temporarily with Kool-Aid.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. that picture is peeeeffffect <3

  2. great foto, but no way in hell is that hair dyed with koolaid, as it has a greyish base mixed with the purple. it took me 3tries to finally get my hair that way myself -and it means bleach, pastell grey demi permanent hair color and then a purple semi-perm dye(i like ion brights or special effects -last the longest)mix in with the conditioner. kool aid creates very kindergarten-ish hair colors, it almost looks like you dipped your hair in water colors, it always looks not saturated enough like a crazy punk color washed out, not evenly pastell-ic and shiny and meant-that-way.