Eco fashion in Finland - Sanna Rinne

I have never introduced Finnish eco designers to you so it´s about time! As you know there a re many ways a designer can create an ecological collection: organic materials, recycled materials, zero-waste, locally produced, just to name a few.. Sanna Rinne is the first designer on my list. She uses industrial left-over materials (both locally and foreign sourced) in her Offcut-collection. The knits are made from merino wool, dresses and tops cotton-viscose mix ja jackets cotton-polyester mix. She has developed her own type of sewing machine and technique for sewing small fabric strips!! All production is done from Turku, where she is based. You can find her collection in Helsinki from Limbo.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I am so sorry but I dont like it so much :(

  2. How cool are these dresses? Amazing! :)
    My favorite are middle 2.
    La Kat

  3. I actually love it and am off to check out the link. Thanks so much for introducing Sanna Rinne. Funny, just read Rosalind's post on Coffee, Camera, Clothes about ethical fashion.
    I think the third photo (the one with black and blue) is my favorite. Actually, it's hard to believe these pieces are from old materials. They look so fresh and chic. Again thanks, really enjoyed this post.

  4. These pieces are really interesting! It's incredible what can be done with recycled materials.
    Limits and ethical choices can push creativity a step forward, very inspiring!