Noki´s House of Sustainability

Jonathan JJ Hudson, designer of Noki - House of Sustainability (ikoN spelled backwards... I love moddest designers). He’s an underground recycler/refashionista/redesigner or a “ragger”. His brand of customization is a statement against mass produced branded clothing. By re-working a second hand garment, he creates a one-off piece of clothing, a work of art even. As one fashion writer put it: “the message behind the House of Sustainability is corporate rage, urban tribalism and quite a bit of fun camp.”.

At its most obvious, Noki custom mounts a challenge, a symbolic critique or even a form of resistance, against mainstream, mass-market, homogenous and depersonalised commodity fashion. Where sportswear relies on brands and powerful logos to make its selling proposition, Noki abducts these signs, reconfigures them, uses, abuses and reuses them and creates the new and unorthodox. You can find some of Noki pix HERE

Noki’s SS08 runway show provided all kinds of refashion madness and mix´n´match couture gowns. Outfits were made from all kinds of things including materials once discarded by people, reconstructed with embellishments, new cuts, and new details all made by hand; in a statement against the globalisation of fashion. All looks came fully equiped with a Noki mask and during the couture section this mask was cut to reveal glitter lips!

The thing with Noki is, that his garments aren’t for sale. The designer wants us to COPY HIS WORK. This guy is my new DIY-idol. But how does he make the money to pay his rent if these goodies are not for sale..? Let me know so I can do the same... and write a bestseller about it. I would use the profits to start a support group DDA - Dumpster Divers Anonymous for all you struggling trashionistas and DIY injury victims. :)

Outi Les Pyy

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