Garbagebag by Anne Rantanen

Few years ago I was absolutely sure that the DIY scene in Finland has complitely died. There were no websites/tv programmes/magazines available in Finnish that would have been about trashion or anything related to recycle-crafts.

Then I met Anne Rantanen through a mutual friend... And my hope was restored. Each one of her bags is unique. She makes them from old furnishing fabric, clothes, accessories, buckles, buttons etc. Visit her website or Etsy shop at

And if you like her bags, you should also visit

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. just wanted to stop by to say hi and tell you that I think your blog rocks.
    I hope you are having a fab christmas.
    im looking forward to all your new finds in 08

  2. Thank you! BTW I looove your work. I´ve been watching them in Etsy. :)