menswear - lumbersexuals

GearJunkie says lumbersexuals is the current thing in menswear. You recognize them from the rugged jeans, bike (no car), big beards (that smell good!), flannel shirts, tweed vests and tattoos. They love natural quality materials in both interior and clothing but are not afraid of little wear and tear. Check out my pinterest for more stylish and hairy male handsomeness.


  • own more flannel shirts than regular shirts
  • they are handy
  • own and can use a hunting knife or ax
  • they know how to team up dirty jeans with a tweed vest and grandpa suspenders
  • they own mustache wax
  • they carry their credit cards in a self made leather case
  • they have a trusted shoe maker
  • their beard is groomed and it smells good
  • they understand dapper details when it comes to style

Outi Les Pyy

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