TRASHION! book coming soon!

Trashion! book photos: Mikko Rasila / book design: Hanna Linkola (

I´ve missed you guys so much during these past weeks!! Less than a week and then my DIY fashion book will go to print. Bare with me, it will be worth it. I promise. It will look something like this. I still cannot believe that we got one of Finland's best editorial models, Hiu Lume, to the cover. She makes it look so amazing. The book feature 28 tutorials, but also my thoughts on fashion design, ecological consumption and DIY. You know there is a deeper reason for me to write this blog than just pure love for crafts and style. 

It will hit all major book shops in October, but you can pre-order your copy at Atena webshop

Like my Facebook page, and you will be in for a surprise in October.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Congratulations! Big accomplishement!


  2. I wish I could unterstand the content -.-

  3. OMG! It's such an amazing cover!
    I know it's a fab book! :D

  4. Onnittelut koko tiimille!
    Hieno kansi!

  5. Trashfashion=,,,,,,trash recycling for fashion item ,,,?

  6. Thats great. congrats. Just one thing: it looks like you've written "comme the garqons" instead of garcons...

  7. It´s Comme des Garçons. Maybe my handwriting just look weird..

  8. Not yet unfortunately. I´m still looking for a book agent / publisher to have it translated in English.