Free People Luxury Jones Boots

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Holy heck. Some random browsing got me to Free People where I found these amaaazing boots. The boot leg has been turned and strapped down (back leg cut open) with 4 different looking belts! The belts are then hot glued into place. The black boots also have some bleached jersey strips as accesories. How genious is this! To be honest I have been looking for a new way to wear cowbow boots and this is it. Smoking hot. Check the website also for ideas how to style them with gypsy dresses and fall knits.

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. love it :)

  2. gorgeous! i love how there's so many different textures :D
    faye xo

  3. That sound you just heard was the door slamming as I run off to the thrift store to find some belts and black fabric to bleach. I totally own those shiny black pointy-toed boots, and they're about to get a makeover. BOOYAH.

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  5. I´d love to see SOME PICS when you are done. This should be so awsome :D

  6. Oh my gosh best DIY ever! thanks! You have a great blog!