Trashion scrapbooking

I have many inspiration books. I collect magazine clippings, scetches and other ideas in them. Every project starts here. Scrapbooks are handy as they are postable and very compact way to store inspiration. You can find my Inspiration Scrapbook set at Flickr. Loads to read, total 256 pages so far. Remember that all images in Flickr can be viewed in actual size by clicking "all sizes" and choosing large or original.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. o my gosh! i just saw a dress like the first one in a vintage shop in beaune which is the capitol city of burgundy wine... it was a coutoure dress of an american designer worth 8000 €... its now aviable for 900 €... amazing but a little to pricey still....

  2. I have heaps of mag/sketch books everywhere, but i don't as many as you do! so much fun to make and keep for later.
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  3. En tiedä olenko aiemmin kommentoinut, mutta pakko sanoa että sulla on kyllä uskomattoman inspiroiva blogi. Nyt tiedän mitä tehdä lukemattomilla lehdistä riivityillä sivuilla.. ja muovitaskujakin löytyy..