Green Fashion online shopping at Adili

One of the places to spend your money quickly in green fashions is online eco store Adili. They carry a vast number of green fashion brands, like People Tree, Bllack by Noir, Del Forte, Edun, Kuyichi, Teich and Terra Plana just to name a few. In addition to womens clothes, jewelry, lingerie, bags and shoes, Adili store also carries items for beauty, home, men and children. Pretty much anything you need... Via La Luminata.

People Tree Thakoon blouse ON SALE.

Adili ruffle neck top, tulip sleeve shirt (top image) and daisy blouse.

Calvin City Bag by Kuyichi.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Kiitos ideasta! Tällaisia ekokauppoja kaipaan juuri, joiden valikoimat näyttävät yhtä upeilta kuin muillakin valmistajilla eli eivät ole liian ekologisen yksinkertaisia. Hyvin tehty nettikauppa ja laaja valikoima :)

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