Gaultier crochet dress

One or two square crocheted table cloths into a sexy summer top. Fold in half and sew by han from corners. How sweet does that look with worn down denim? This top is by Jean Paul Gaultier and the dress above by Roberto Cavalli. I also love this crocheted dress by him (cannot remember the season). Pictures via Urban Revisions, Modemonitor and my inspiration books.

From my inspiration books.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. That Gaultier dress from your inspiration book is amazing! By coincidence I stumbled onto a somewhat similar dress by Karim Bonnet for Impasse de la Defense:

    Definitely not as nice as the JPG dress but probably a lot less expensive.

    Another thing (not crocheted) that I like from this designer is this hand-painted coat:

    I think I would like to DIY this, but do you have any suggestions on what fabric paint could be used?

    Love your blog!