DIY Jil Sander fringes

I´ve been wondering the whole summer how could one make a dress similar to SS09 Jil Sander draped fringe dresses. The longest fringe ribbon I´ve been able to buy from my local button shop is 25cm high. Looks great but still way too short to cover an entire back of an dress. Valerie from Bleach Black has made her own fringe fashions by using yarn and tape so you are able to make the fringes as long as you need. To help you make the fringes exactly the same length, wrap them around two pieces of cardboard (with the right height) and steam iron any creases out. Takes a bit of time, but totally worth the trouble. Check out her tutorial and the entire SS09 collection from Jil Sander to get more ideas on how to arrange the fringes.

Jil Sander SS09 fringe dresses and vest (which I think is cooler than the dresses!). Photos from and

Top photo from Fashioncopious.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love those Jil Sander dresses! I saw a vintage cape with this ultra-long fringe once and thought it would be easy to find in a fabric store or online, but alas, this was not the case, so your idea is very welcome.

    The second Jil Sander dress reminds me of this Margiela tunic and halter top I found on Ebay a while ago:


    Sorry I don't have better pictures!

  2. What about those fringed "curtains" thats in every other home decorating shop? I saw 30cm wide x 200cm long for 4,5 euro at a local shop some weeks ago and thought about this kind of project...

    Keep up the good work!

    /Sara from Sweden