DIY fabric flowers - peony

There are many ways to make flowerlike shapes and details from ribbons, fabric pieces and strips, almost as many as there are makers. This satin ribbon Peony-tutorial is by Calli over at Make It Do. I think it would look great when made from raw edged denim, as the fabric edge frays beautifully. These flowers can be made just a few for decorations, or you can over large areas (from garments) with them.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. ohh, i've been on the lookout for good tips on making flowery figures, thanks for the heads-up! queen michelle from kingdom of style made a skirt out of shower flowers which, in spite of her modesty, looked nothing short of amazing!

  2. I saw that! It looked great. Who says you have to make these from ribbons that are 1 inch wide?! The fabric strips used could be 3-5 inches wide to make a bigger couturelike peony :D

  3. lovely! how can I make that? saw you on summeri today and came immediately to check out your blog ;) love it!
    tiltumaria @

  4. Such a lovely flower, I've given you an award on my blog, thanks for all your DIY tips!

  5. Kiitos! Oli mukavaa kun Summerista soitettiin ja pyydettiin mukaan ohjelman tekemiseen :)

    Nauhoista tai kangassuikaleista tehtävien pionien tutoriaalin löydät täältä:
    Ohje on englanniksi, mutta kuvistakin saa hyvin selvää.

  6. your blog is absolute inspiration. i stalk it reguarly and i am never disappointed by the info that you share! keep it coming girl :)