DIY Best Behaviour pleat dress

I saw this Best Behaviour pleated dress at CryWolf. The silhuette is beautiful and pockets very handy. I´m a huge fan of Danish clothing design and I love Best Behaviour´s carefree but consructed design style. I thought about this style for a while and came to the conclusion that this styled dress is possible to make from a secondhand (few sizes larger) full length A-lined skirt. Maybe with a gethered waistline so the skirt has as much fabric on the waist as possible. The fabric needs to be fluent, maybe viscose or light weight cotton.

1. Open the waist seams.
2. Cut armholes and neckline. Start with a lower curve and make it deeper if necessary.
3. Pleat or gather the bodice top from front and back.
4. Finish the armholes and neckline with bias tape. For details go to bias tape hem tutorial by Martha McGyver.
5. Cur hem in a curvy line (save fabric scraps as you´ll use them for making pockets).
6. Hem the dress.
7. Try on and mark pockets. Pocket openings need to be smaller than your left over fabric pieces from the hem.
8. Open up sideseams where the pocket will be.
9. Sew pockets from the fabric scarps and attach them to the pocket opening.

Man I wish I could do a phototutorial for you, but as long as my sewingmachine is busted, you´ll have to settle for only the written tutorial...

Outi Les Pyy

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