Black plastic feathers

I know these dresses are really decorated with feathers, but don´t they look kinda like ruffled (or pleated and pressed) narrow strips of plastic garbage bags..? I think plastic would work great if strip edge is slightly heated (with an iron) after it has been ruffled as the thread would melt inside the plastic strip and make it more durable to sewing and wearing. Large black plastic bags can also be sewn just as they are as the plastic is thicker and more elastic as in conventional grocery store bags. Car tuning and paint shops also sell the coolest colors in (car) spray paints. If one would sew this with ordinary white feathers and then spraypeint them with maybe a gorgeous metallic black, green or lilac (wipe feather surface from all dust before spraying) it could look similar to the original.. You with me?

Photos Jonas Bresnan. Found via LeFashion.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. black videotape-ribbon does the trick aswell and best of all there's lots around since dvd:s came into market ;)

  2. Can you sew VHS tape with a regular home sewing machine? When I tried it the VHS tape ripped where the needle had gone through.. How do you sew it?

  3. VHS tape would be perfect. It´s so shiny.... :D I wonder how it would look when gathered..