Making stencils and printing fabric

I have posted my "Stencils from photographs" tutorial to my Flickr site. I shoes how you can transform basically any photo to a stencil by using Photoshop.

Many have asked me how the finished stencil can be printed to T-shirts and other clothes. I have not made a tutorial about it but after 30 min of netsurfing I found this Fabric printing tutorial by Girlx512 in LiveJournal Craftgrrl group forum and this stencil printing tutorial by Melissa Clifton. Very well presented!

And if you really get into fabric printing, here is a cool first project. For those couples who don´t see each other every day. Introducing the Missing Husband Pillow. Seen in

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. In a mag (hmm, which one was that?) there was also the idea of making a pillow for a dog, with the pic of their owner on it. They also suggested a carpet cut into the shape of said owner :)

    I think those pillows were made the photo-print way, though. But stencil or screenprint lasts much longer, IMO.