The artist called Danny Mansmith

When I first found DANNY MANSMITH work in Flickr I was blown away. I´ve never seen someone use their sewing machine rather than a drawn paper pattern to create forms and surfaces from fabric. He sees clothing as sculptures rather than everyday things. I think we could all learn from his way of using recycled fabrics to create unique wearable pieces of art.

Guessing by the amount of wrinked surfaces and miles and miles of stitching I don´t think he has ever undone any sewn seams :D We´ll we all hate it, so let´s leave the wrinkles there next time, shall we? Looks good to me.

Check out more of Danny´s work in Flickr or visit some of exhibitions. Love your work man!

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I am fanatical about Danny Mansmith! Thanks for featuring him.
    I just found your blog - it's great.
    See you on flickr-

  2. Never seen anyone sew anything like this guy! He's unique.

    Thank you for your blog Outi!